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Finally it is Friday. I don’t know why I have been soooo pressed for it to be Friday. I think it might have to do with the amount of work I put in this week. I re-designed my office’s webpage as well as worked in creating a new logo on top of doing the other 100 things I have done this week to just make it through the week. So I am exhausted. I even drove to PG Monday night after two work night meetings. But I am just excited for the weekend!

Although a nasty rainy and cold Friday. I have made my Halloween plans, work/part time plans (businesses) and will be picking up a new puppy (god help me) and will be getting some arts and craft stuff together and working on a website.

Did I mention I won (yes WON) tickets to So You Think You Can Dance show here in Baltimore (SCORE!) Sarah from Hot99.5 I adore you! I hope these seats are banglicious for my viewing pleasure! SYTYCD is one of my favorite shows (one I have been dying to audition for more on that later)

Thank you Friday I am glad you are here!