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So if you have read or know I have just moved into an apartment within the past month, while I search to put my life on the road that I want it to be, but also while I prepare to buy a home. My first home, that would be mine all mine and of course shared by my sweetheart dogs and my off again on again boyfriend/husband ( I swear I will cover this and they are the same person not two people). However, I have had this wonderful realtor who has taken me everywhere and anywhere looking for the “right” home. Which took me a minute to understand in my terms what the right home was especially living here in the city.

So your wondering what the “right” home is to huh! Well here goes.
Not a Rowhouse or Townhouse or Attached Home. I lived in beautiful Patterson Park for almost 2 years and I must say although I loved the park I hate having neighbor’s right on top of me and no real back yard (hello I have dogs, big and little)
I mean take a look at this gorgeous Pagaoda that yes I still love I am just happy not to be living there anymore.

Next it has to have space. I need hella space. Well did I mention I have dogs Three to be exact! So three dogs 2 biggies and a small um plus me, we get in each others way sometimes. I need a yard for them to run and carry on and have fun, withouth driving Mommie insane! I also like to play in the backyard no not litterally play well sorta 🙂 I love to garden. I had an ex’s sister in law that I was in total love with. Because she was the Vermont Martha Stewart. I am serious, but she had a beautiful garden and guest bedrooms to die for and you just felt like you were at home everytime you visted. So I would love a space to plant a small size garden with some favorites.

Lastly the big sell for me is……………………… PARKING B! That’s right I need parking in my life not street parking. I mean in Hampden parking is ok unless there is a festival, Honfest, Hampden Fest, Mayors Christmas Parade, Miracle on 34th street ( get the idea) in Patterson Park, I might not even get to park near my street. So I need a driveway and or a garage (drool) but I’ll settle for a driveway :).

So that’s my list. Are you looking for a home? What are you looking for?