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That’s right so I am finally getting a few things done and crossed off my list as I hunt for fun new things as I prepare to decorate for a home that I Have yet to move into. Oh my gosh I had no idea how stressful home buying wise. Anywho I digressed. Well here she blows. Remember that super cute bread box I scored at the goodwill. Well here she is all done up.

Excuse the junk in the photo. I litterally have no space in my current super smaller then small apartment kitchen. Plus since I am packing and bringing things in and out all the time, certain areas are constantly junky (just for the moment)

Next, over the weekend, especially after seeing this beautiful stool posted on Better After (shout out to Better After, I love thee!) I kept thinking for my new kitchen I want to be able to take a seat while I am waiting on something(what I am not sure) or have the current off again and on again husband/boyfriend hang out in the kitchen with me. So why not a stool?@! The new kitchen is much larger then my apartment kitchen space ( thank goodness) but not super large for a cool island to pull a seat up to. But it has space for seating to chill or keep the cook company.

While out at a new Goodwill I walked around for what seemed like hours looked for potential decor items or furniture but finally stumbling across some cool gift wrap I thought it was time to leave or roll out but something caught my eye at the corner of the other entrance where these two stools: Mind you these bad boys were sickly dirty I mean like someone threw a party on it. But for $5 bucks each I couldn’t pass it up. I mean the ones on craigslist although were slightly cleaner they wanted $30 or $40 and chuld that is not in my budget!

So I dragged them to the front or really carried them with purse and wrapping paper like Super Girl and proudly handed the cashier my $10 bucks and some change.

First step, I busted out my 409 cleaner and sprayed these things down top to bottom. The pic above is pre-spray down. I think decided to match the kitchen I wanted something possibly gray and black and will later on add some print to the top.

Here she is all primed up

Looks 1million times better right, Yes I agree. I almost considered keeping her gray. But I went ahead and did a black bottom and kept the top gray. Which now I totally love it. So I bet you want to see the finish piece right? Well you’ll have to wait till tomorrow 🙂 Teaser ain’t I 🙂


Currently this is what my new kitchen will look like
How there are a few things I like and a few I don’t like. The Likes: I like the color of the cabinets. I think with some good cleaning they would look new again. I also like the color of the counter top. Which might be hard to tell from the picture is a grey color almost slate. What I hate: The appliances def. not a fan of it’s current fridge and stove and dishwasher. So being the Eco queen that I am we will be replacing those with energy efficient appliances that also conserve water ( yea for the environment). 2nd big hate is the back splash. Def not a Fan. Def not my style or taste. Plus the kitchen although in a small space is just missing something.

So I searched high and low on the internet to look for some inspiration and look what I found
This kitchen and house was featured in the Country Living Magazine

So the idea is to paint the door in the kitchen that leads to the deck, white and adding bamboo shades. Next is painting the kitchen a Vintage Blue. Now I have to find something for the back splash. Any ideas?