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So I used to live in this area called Patterson Park. Which in the beginning I adored. I loved being able to take my dogs to the park, hang out at the park. But as I started to realize like every other area, they have their fair share of crime. Now mind you I have worked in some pretty tough neighborhoods and can hold my own. Plus my dogs and me we are one(s) to be reckon with! However I have grown up in East Baltimore, MD. You know Hampden, Cold Spring, Mt. Washington and etc… Well I have lived most of my twenties in those areas and loooved it. I started missing what I consider home. So back to Hampden I went and found a familar apartment. Now this will sound odd but this apartment is familar because an old ex of mine used to live there. I always thought this was by far one of the best apartments ever and I already knew what to expect. Heat wise, air wise, bug wise neighbor wise you name it. I spent almost 4 years of my life in this apartment with my ex and it was amazing times! So why not re-visit happy memories right? Get to the point you say as you read all of this craziness! Well I moved in and totally need to decorate! Ah hah I knew this story had a point,lol. All of my walls are bare except a recent Maryland poster(framed) but I want to add things to decorate that are A. in-expensive and B. Chic and Cute. So where do you turn for such. DOMINO. Does anyone remember this wonderful magazine, that was made for us apartment dwellers. Well I do, so I search the internet for some fun finds to redecorate my apartment. Keep in mind I am looking for Eco Friendly, Dog Friendly, the off again on again current boyfriend friendly ( that was a mouth full) also did I mention it has to make me HAPPY 🙂 In my midst of searching I came across these top ten things for decorating small or studio spaces ( my space is way bigger then a studio space but thought it would be helpful) 

Since I do a lot of arts and crafts how about this piece of furniture that serves as decorating and space conserving!. Also since I am super organized ( for those who know me don’t laugh!) I also want to plan for a house. I plan on moving ugh again in the year 2010/2011 in pursuits of home ownership ( yeaaaahhh!). So I need to compile ideas so I can keep a look out while thrifting and all of that other fun stuff. So (to the point already) here is my idea of what it would look like in my House space.

My dream space

I am not thrilled with the colors but I think some creame mixed in with some pink would be right up my alley.  Need more inspiration check out this link: Arts and Craft Rooms

What about your arts and craft space? Tell me about yours.