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Excuse me for I am a day late. I have been swamped at work and of course with the new fur baby, my projects and my volunteer efforts. Did I mention I am exhausted and the buying a new home process is overwhelming!

So here are my favorite Etsy finds for the week. As you know I adore all things vintage and I am finally figuring out a way to get all things wonderful as I mumbled in my sleep last night to the off again on again husband/boyfriend. Cast your eyes on this gorgeous beauty! A Vintage Phone, Super Swoon. Can’t you imagine this in a Tiffany inspired bedroom.┬áPlease be sure to find this sweet phone and other vintage finds in Domestikate’s Etsy Shop.

Next up is a sweet litte find from Tannerglass a unique take on music anyplace are they cute glass music hooks. I love music and even have a tattoo to prove it ( yes I have a treble clef) . Tannerglass makes these amazing glass pieces unique and did I say must have!

Last I hope you know my thing for lip balm and anything that goes on my lips never the mind that I have a balm or something for my lips everywhere including car, kitchen,bedroom, office, purse (need I go on) so of course I would have to feature a Balm that is not only gorgeous to look at but has amazing ingredients!

Please check out Wicked Soaps

That’s all for today folks on my favorite Etsy Wednesdays!