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As you know I work close to 60 hours a week ( and of course only get comp time) but I love the work I do. You ask well what do you do? Well technically I am a Community Organizer (yet another reason why I am about the Obama). I work in specific neighborhoods marketing neighborhood resources. Now at my old job I had over 22 neighborhoods to juggle at my current place I only juggle 3. So still my plate can get a little full. But I enjoy it, I also do a ridiculus amount of volunteer projects. I am on a board for a Main Street, I support animal causes and help my friends with their causes when I can. Also now with the process of buying a house, moving, packing and getting it in for 2010, I am a little swamped. But my lovelies that is no excuse for me to be MIA.

So back to the norm right (YES). As you know I am in the process of buying a house. But I also for once would like to be super super organize in the process meaning when I move, I move in just enough stuff to have a few rooms complete or have an idea or objective as to how each room will look. So my thirft store craziness has some direction.

My current hunt is inspiration for a living room color and design and furniture. Here is what I am looking for:

  • vintage
  • semi formal
  • dog friendly
  • eventually baby friendly
  • inviting

So with that said here is some inspiration I think I might use:

What do you think? Any suggestions on a rug? I have dark brown wood floors but would love a rug to tie it all together. Suggestions, let it flow 🙂