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Today has been crazy hectic with a 2 hour long staff meeting and all and a busy weekend, I just didn’t get the chance to blog. However I did get some projects done and started. Remember this beauty. This super goodwill find for only $2. I am always looking for trays and everything else. But I wanted to update her and give her a new spin. Check out this beauty now.
and now shown with another goodwill find.
Mainly I cleaned her off and sprayed her down with a can of red spray paint. Which because it’s silver it took a few coats and of course letting it dry in between. My next step after she dried was finding some scrap book paper to go and of course I had none that was going for the look I wanted. Off to Michaels I went and found this paper for .79 cents ( Big whoop right). I glued it down and then pulled out my trusty mod podge and was finish. I already had the spray paint and the modpodge. SO my cost was $2.79.

Remember that sweet little Birdy I found also at the Goodwill, well the all white bird just wasn’t doing anything for me and I love the look of all of these shadow birds that is gracing the blogworld. So for now I found my first birdy and gave her a new look. For some reason I can’t find her pic but stay tuned. Nothing a little spray paint and some scrap book paper can’t fix.

Last but not least I also found this beauty on a return trip to the goodwill, I seem to have found one I like so far but I am going to keep looking for that to die for Goodwill. But I really wanted a breadbox, something to look sweet and traditional on my counter top but something that also gives off some character.
So in her current state she’s ok, not hot or anything but a looker right? Well stay tuned for her updated look.