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Say what…. Sorry folks I forgot to catch that wagon. I am so behind, I can’t even think straight. So this week, I vow to put up the christmas tree and get my but in gear for Holiday decorating. Its on like donkey kong folks. But I need a little inspiration. So enjoy a few of this pics as I prepare for the holidays.


Well maybe not really. I love stalking a few blogs as mentioned before so of you ladies are so crafty, I love it and I love reading about it. Recently someone mentioned Ballards which I have never heard of. So I decided with some free break time to check it out and to see all that I have been missing.

They have some amazing pieces of course none to fit in my budget and some would just get destroyed instantly with my lovely furbabies! But don’t you just adore this headboard.

Next on my want list is this too fab bench, also out of my price range but what was great they had fabrics in Burlap. Which got me thinking about a particular little bench I just acquired(right off the street for bulk trash pick up day, don’t ask) but it was calling my name! That I would love to re-do. Remember for my sake and my dogs sake it has to be easy to clean, not expensive but nice and semi-glamourous for moi!

Also all though out of stock which were fairly cheap how cool are these light switch covers for some serious drama to a room.

Interested in checking some of these to fab items, check their website out at: Ballard Designs

Emm not really but I really do like my new Music inspired lamp. So awhile back I purchased this brass lamp. Not exactly winning any Ms.America pagents right. But I knew she had potential, plus I needed some lamps like woah! So to home she went with me for only $8.00 from the Goodwill.

I purchased some primer, which was a grey primer. After spraying gray I actually really really liked the gray (but it’s primer) but the more I thought about it I said ok I will spray it black, but now after getting this super goodwill end table, I can’t do a black lamp and a black table that’s just to much (who ever thought I would say too much black;-P ) So a white lamp it will be. Heriloom white and not that other crazy 360 spray can paint I bought which was just a mess! So I sprayed her down with my heriloom spray and she was a beaute. But I really wanted something else. At the bookthing (my favorite place in the world) which is a free book warehouse opened every Saturday and Sunday only from 9am-6pm. Where you can take as many books as you want. They have everything, school books, kids books, law books, magazines, cook books ANYTHING! While there I found a ton of sheet music. Man, I love free!

So besides making a music sheet wreath, I wanted something else. I decided on putting it on the shade. Mind you the shade that came with this lamp is in good condition and not bad looking, but made out of this silk stuff. So I thought mod podge that baby up. Well it just didn’t stick it was crazy!

So that attempt was just a hot mess! If you have this type of shade I reccomend not trying to add glue to it. Luckily I got through one panel and realized it wasn’t cutting it. I sat for what seemed like an hour while dogs jumped on me, tackled me and in mid tacking I thought why not put it on the lamp in the mid section. So mod podge here we go again. Here is the final product, I loooove it! This will be a bedroom lamp for my side of the bed. Holla!

I will be linking up to this party:

As of late I really really try to lead a drama free life, but working in my field sometimes that un-avoidable. Which means I am having a few small dilema’s in this whole buying a house thing. The sellers real estate agent is a prick, I highly highly reccomend NOT using this guy! IF you want specifics and you are in MD holla at your gurl and I will give you the details. However, many moons ago (like summer time) I stumbled across another house for sale on the sale street but 2-3 blocks down (almost across the street from my office) this house is to die for, I heart it. I almost got it confused with the other house because it is almost the exact same house. Only thing the other kitchen in original house is bigger and the original house has a fireplace. This house has a smaller kitchen but 2 more bedrooms then the other so (7 vs 5) One I can actually make a laundry room (HOLLER!) and has less repairs to make and the bathrooms I love (are in better condition) so I am thinking maybe that’s a better fit. Well here are some photos of the new one I am thinking of. Already I like the front better. It already has siding and shutters. Both of these features I was going to add to the other house. It’s hard to see in the photo but it has these stone flower pot things right at the step, imagine how cool those could be for holiday decorating!

Next you have this fantastic wrap around porch, oh and the chandy in the dinning room is crazy cool peep it out

Next the other bonus to this room well is the bathroom. Emm MEEE TIME!

The other favorite thing is some of the house details one of those details is the door knobs (odd thing to say right) but I have been searching for these doorknobs to replace on the said house. This house they read my mind and already have them some even come with the key!

It even has this beautiful Red Maple Tree! How gorgeous is this tree!

Sigh… say a pray for me folks, I think this is the one!

I found a few cool things at the Goodwill this weekend but not a whole lot. I was inspired recently to purchase some corning ware or pyrex, which I thought I should have some in my kitchen. I also am on the hunt for candle holders, skelton keys, birds and furniture.

I am still in the process of home purchasing which is def. a larger ordel then I thought. As mentioned,said dream home def. has some repairs that need to get done to make the house/home liveable. Mind you some repairs I can do (meaning friends, family and begging those with the acquired skills) but also just making it happen. I have a crummy realtor or rather the sellers agent is a douche (excuse the language but I keeps it real 🙂 ) So I had estimates done on Friday and each contractor or service provider def was giving me all sorts of mixed signals.
So mixed that I need a cocktail to cure my headache! But I still plan to move forward and hopes to be out of this crummy apartment by Xmas and into my dream home with all things wonderful! So I am still getting rid of old things replacing with new things and etc… and just passing time. Also collecting some things. I am in love with Monica’s blog in titled Monica Wants it I think we think a like and I was excited to read her blog as she too was purchasing a house! Well she got me thinking about Lights. When I was a kid I remember living in a house or two ( Military we moved alot!) that had a chandy or two. ANd I loooveee them. I think they give it that extra umph a room needs to be sparkly.
So I ventured off to overstock. com to see what they got. So here is some of the beauties I found for About $150 at Overstock They also have another one that is around $119, I am not sure what the differance is between the two. Also this one is super hard to put up if you plan on putting it up by your self as shared in Monica’s blog. But I am lucky in that way as my boyfriend/husband (currently husband this week) is an electrician, so I gots that covered.

Next on the list is this beauty, I think I am leaning towards this style although the first one goes great with my mirror re-do. This one I think is a little more our style or my style rather. Peep her out. This beauty also from Overstock is a little under $100 and def puts out some bling!

Next I think this one would look great in my dinning room at the new home to be. Along with this picture for inspiration! And it was only $50 at overstock, which I can’t beat and might even order this week!

Here’s my dinning room inspiration: Peep it in all it’s glory!

I have been searching high and low and all around town for a fancy dancy mirror. Something with gorgeous detail, not pocket breaking and something I can hang proudly. Well after searching for what seemed like forever (about 2 months) I finally ventured into my local store (right by my apartment) called The Turn Around Shop. Now I have ventured in here before and always find the cutest things, sometimes cheap sometimes bank breaking.

I wandered through room after room ohhhing and awwing and then I saw it, this gorgeous gold mirror perched a top this weird looking cherub table. Looked and looked and no price tag. I immediately ran to the top ( I was all the way on the bottom floor) to inquire about the mirror.

Store clerk had no idea what item I was speaking of and had to venture on her on. Still couldn’t find a price, she had to even call the owner. To my dismay the mirror went with that weird little cherub table, which I was def. not buying for $300 smackers 😦 frowning and pouting I began. The store owner said the mirror has a huge chip in the wood and I would be happy to sell it seperately. Say Huh? Yes Yes, How much? Does $20 work, Do you take visa? is pretty much how the rest of that conversation went.

I lugged the mirror home (all the way up one block, yes yes I know,lol) and hide it so A. Dogs and B. On again Husband/Boyfriend would not knock it over(clumsy folks!)

So I am excited to say I have my own fancy dancy mirror. I am thinking after I fixed the cracks in the wood. I will prime her and then pick a color, I was originally thinking black, but for some reason I am really feeling the heirloom white.

Any suggestions?

As you know I work close to 60 hours a week ( and of course only get comp time) but I love the work I do. You ask well what do you do? Well technically I am a Community Organizer (yet another reason why I am about the Obama). I work in specific neighborhoods marketing neighborhood resources. Now at my old job I had over 22 neighborhoods to juggle at my current place I only juggle 3. So still my plate can get a little full. But I enjoy it, I also do a ridiculus amount of volunteer projects. I am on a board for a Main Street, I support animal causes and help my friends with their causes when I can. Also now with the process of buying a house, moving, packing and getting it in for 2010, I am a little swamped. But my lovelies that is no excuse for me to be MIA.

So back to the norm right (YES). As you know I am in the process of buying a house. But I also for once would like to be super super organize in the process meaning when I move, I move in just enough stuff to have a few rooms complete or have an idea or objective as to how each room will look. So my thirft store craziness has some direction.

My current hunt is inspiration for a living room color and design and furniture. Here is what I am looking for:

  • vintage
  • semi formal
  • dog friendly
  • eventually baby friendly
  • inviting

So with that said here is some inspiration I think I might use:

What do you think? Any suggestions on a rug? I have dark brown wood floors but would love a rug to tie it all together. Suggestions, let it flow 🙂