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Not Holiday as in the up and coming Holiday but my sweet little (not so little) furbaby Holiday pictured here!
I love this dog to death. However when I entered my home (apartment home, which I hate) late yesterday evening around 6pm. I walked into this Now take this picture and visualize it up and down my hall way, my bedroom and living room and kitchen. I thought I was going to pass out literally! But I calmly gathered my thoughts and proceeded to sweep, mop and clean oh and vacuum all in one setting.

For those of you who have dogs, how do you dog proof your home? Any help or suggestions, I am dying here folks!


I know I have mentioned my little furbabies on here at least once or twice. I adore my animals and I aim to rescue every stray, abused and abandoned furry pal in the State and further. My dedication runs that deep. Every year I participate in both the SPCA March for the animals as well as the BARCS Octoberfest. BARCS has finally decided as of last year to add a fundraising element to their festival ( which hello bout time, still love you BARCS) I currently have two sweet dogs from BARCS.

For those that don’t know, BARCS stands for Baltimore Animal Rescue Center Shelter. They get 100’s of dogs every week and sometimes they don’t have room for them. If I had enough money to buy a location, I would happily donate it as a run off space for dogs and kitties.

This year my mission is to raise $1000 for BARCS, I am know where close to that amount, but I still have a few weeks. I am hoping my good kind internet friends will donate $5.00 or anything they can to help this great cause here in Baltimore. We have some many strays of dogs and cats and kittens and puppies that it is just sad 😦 to see them put down.

Please read more on my first giving page on ways you can help in your area or how you can donate for my cause!