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So clearly I have been MIA for a minute but I am hear to make amends. No excuses, I have been either working around the clock, pulling out hair over buying a new home(or new to me) and or taking care of the pooches!

I did find some amazing etsy pieces, which I am super excited to purchase and can just see them in my new home. I haven’t even gotten to the re-do of the house yet and I already know furniture (not color layouts) for just about each room.

I am swooning over this Pillow made by Joom

Although these are not from Etsy how adorable are these:
Now these are def. to die for but for my budget it’s def a budget breaker for mebut don’t let it stop you!

Lastly my last favorite for the day by Redhotpottery this amazing beauty that I can totally see filled with some sweet roses or hydrangea’s or something of that nature.

I love you ETSY!


Excuse me for I am a day late. I have been swamped at work and of course with the new fur baby, my projects and my volunteer efforts. Did I mention I am exhausted and the buying a new home process is overwhelming!

So here are my favorite Etsy finds for the week. As you know I adore all things vintage and I am finally figuring out a way to get all things wonderful as I mumbled in my sleep last night to the off again on again husband/boyfriend. Cast your eyes on this gorgeous beauty! A Vintage Phone, Super Swoon. Can’t you imagine this in a Tiffany inspired bedroom. Please be sure to find this sweet phone and other vintage finds in Domestikate’s Etsy Shop.

Next up is a sweet litte find from Tannerglass a unique take on music anyplace are they cute glass music hooks. I love music and even have a tattoo to prove it ( yes I have a treble clef) . Tannerglass makes these amazing glass pieces unique and did I say must have!

Last I hope you know my thing for lip balm and anything that goes on my lips never the mind that I have a balm or something for my lips everywhere including car, kitchen,bedroom, office, purse (need I go on) so of course I would have to feature a Balm that is not only gorgeous to look at but has amazing ingredients!

Please check out Wicked Soaps

That’s all for today folks on my favorite Etsy Wednesdays!

I could not contain myself this week as I waited to release this weeks series of Favorites!

First and foremost this dress that I spotted Thursday of last week a 1950’s inspired dress from Frock Stars   

This dress is to die for. Total hottness can’t you just see this on that show Mad Men!

Next up is this weird day dreaming thoughts I keep having about wanting a little girl and what her room would look like. With that said I know I want a vinyl cut out made from Styleywalls. How cute is this Cherry Blossom tree (also one of my favorite things)

Next is this cute Pendant made by Pieces of Me Pendants. I adore it! I love her pieces so much I had to show two!

Hope you enjoyed today’s feature. Now go shop!