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Say what…. Sorry folks I forgot to catch that wagon. I am so behind, I can’t even think straight. So this week, I vow to put up the christmas tree and get my but in gear for Holiday decorating. Its on like donkey kong folks. But I need a little inspiration. So enjoy a few of this pics as I prepare for the holidays.


Wondering what I have been up to eh? Well, tons and tons of crafts. For starters I came across this darling blog Let Birds Fly. She makes these super cute and thirfty magnets that display where she has been using old maps. How cool is that. I used some of her tutorial to create my own. You can find her tutorial here.

I didn’t have any maps on hand and I have been to a ton of places. But I wanted to test the idea on something different. How about that sheet music I scored at the Book Thing in Waverly! So off to the dollar store I go. I purchased round clear rocks, and even found magents there too. So total cost $2.05 with tax. SCORE! I think I might make some for the folks for the holidays but I plan on using smaller magnets, I think.

Next I pulled out my sheet music and used the rocks I purchased as my shape trace on the paper. Next I cut the circles out and pulled out my trusty mod podge. Now my instructions differ a tad from the tutorial so use what works for you! I put the mod podge on my the rocks and then stuck them to the little papers. After it had dried a bit I was able with the small scissors(make sure they are sharp) to trim the edges if needed.

Next my magents (which were called buttons at the dollar store) had their own sticky backing, so I didn’t even need my gorilla glue (go figure I was way to excited to use that stuff) I stuck them to the back of the rock and wala! All done. Took me a total of 5 minutes or less per magnet and I love the sheet music look.

See it here:

Emm not really but I really do like my new Music inspired lamp. So awhile back I purchased this brass lamp. Not exactly winning any Ms.America pagents right. But I knew she had potential, plus I needed some lamps like woah! So to home she went with me for only $8.00 from the Goodwill.

I purchased some primer, which was a grey primer. After spraying gray I actually really really liked the gray (but it’s primer) but the more I thought about it I said ok I will spray it black, but now after getting this super goodwill end table, I can’t do a black lamp and a black table that’s just to much (who ever thought I would say too much black;-P ) So a white lamp it will be. Heriloom white and not that other crazy 360 spray can paint I bought which was just a mess! So I sprayed her down with my heriloom spray and she was a beaute. But I really wanted something else. At the bookthing (my favorite place in the world) which is a free book warehouse opened every Saturday and Sunday only from 9am-6pm. Where you can take as many books as you want. They have everything, school books, kids books, law books, magazines, cook books ANYTHING! While there I found a ton of sheet music. Man, I love free!

So besides making a music sheet wreath, I wanted something else. I decided on putting it on the shade. Mind you the shade that came with this lamp is in good condition and not bad looking, but made out of this silk stuff. So I thought mod podge that baby up. Well it just didn’t stick it was crazy!

So that attempt was just a hot mess! If you have this type of shade I reccomend not trying to add glue to it. Luckily I got through one panel and realized it wasn’t cutting it. I sat for what seemed like an hour while dogs jumped on me, tackled me and in mid tacking I thought why not put it on the lamp in the mid section. So mod podge here we go again. Here is the final product, I loooove it! This will be a bedroom lamp for my side of the bed. Holla!

I will be linking up to this party:

If you have been following my blog you know I am obessed with birds. I just never happen to find them here in good ole Baltimore, MD and have been searching far and wide. Now mind you when I first started looking I did find two birds but for some crazy reason passed them up (oh the nerve) I must have been drunk! (No not really, come on!lol)

So the hunt has been own. I found this cutey at home goods. Which it actually had some weight to it and was red. I tested it out in black and think I might end up switching it over to white.

Then most recently in a Hamden Antique store, I found a partridge and of course she was red.I try to avoid red on any given day. But i purchased her anyway and said I will fix her up later!

So here’s here mini photo shoot, I also used the rusto. heirloom white.

She is sitting in a cute frame I was working on!

I have been on the hunt since hmm mid summer in finding the perfect furniture. I mean perfect! However, I think I am starting to run out of room. My moving day I am expecting to A. Have everything I need and want, whether I have completed the re-do or not.
B. Make one big ass trip in a crazy large moving Van and call it a day.

At this present time I think I have decor items like woah! I mean I have been collecting some items for awhile. Plus I have holiday stuff like crazy as well. So now it’s onto the furniture well and to finish up some of the decor projects I have been working on. Anywho I am rambling on. On Sunday, strolling through Craigslist, I am always on the hunt for Provencial French Furniture, I just love the lines and the details. I am also looking for chairs with good bones, and structure and just pretty. Well I stumbled across this beauty well she is ain’t purdy but I think I have a re-do in mind. I was also in luck because it wasn’t far from home, which meant I didn’t need to drive all over the place.
Sorry for the horrible picture yet another picture as I am running out the door to work. Here’s the detail. The top cane is actually in good condition. The arms need to be glued back in to make them firm. The seat cane is completely distroyed. It also had a thing underneath like a shelf, which I was told was in good condition, which fell apart while I was carrying it. 😦 I am horrible at price negotiation. I have been trying to get better at it. But I paid $30 for it, which I don’t think is horrible. But I think I should have went down to $20, ya think?

I have a few ideas as to how I am going to re-do her but would love the suggestions for you as well. Here are some ideas:
This one from Confessions of a Plate Addict and her lovely sweet Frenchy Chair

Please note the swoon worthy chair in the corner. Yes look at the gorgeous doors, but peep the chair slightly hidden in the corner!
Last one I promise:

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I am super excited to share with you my first chalkboard experience. After a Saturday long affair of shopping at various goodwills and antique stores. I scored some fun finds. Including a bird, a end table (finally, bless the freaking stars) and some other ones soon to come that I promise to post about. But earlier in the week I scored a gorgeous mirror all etched in gold. It was also the size I was looking for. Plus it was only $6! Which made my wallet happy. I even found a smaller size one that I will keep as a mirror ( I think)

I taped the mirror up with my trusty painters tape starting on the mirror size first. Then I pulled out my rusto. spray paint in Heirloom White(which I just started using and can I say I am in loove!) The gold wasn’t as hard to cover as my other mirror so it needed only 2 good coats.

Also pictured is the cute smaller mirror I found for $2! Once it dried, I peeled off my painters tape and then covered the frame. I used my sorry I forgot the brand of the chalkboard spray paint but I then sprayed the mirror. Once finished I covered the whole thing in chalk. Then this morning as I headed out to work, I wiped it clean and here is my finished result. What Cha think?

Not the greatest picture (but give me a break I was heading out the door to work, literally pre pic) However I looove it and can’t wait to use it. I will be also doing my first link up at Craft-O-Maniac!


As of late I really really try to lead a drama free life, but working in my field sometimes that un-avoidable. Which means I am having a few small dilema’s in this whole buying a house thing. The sellers real estate agent is a prick, I highly highly reccomend NOT using this guy! IF you want specifics and you are in MD holla at your gurl and I will give you the details. However, many moons ago (like summer time) I stumbled across another house for sale on the sale street but 2-3 blocks down (almost across the street from my office) this house is to die for, I heart it. I almost got it confused with the other house because it is almost the exact same house. Only thing the other kitchen in original house is bigger and the original house has a fireplace. This house has a smaller kitchen but 2 more bedrooms then the other so (7 vs 5) One I can actually make a laundry room (HOLLER!) and has less repairs to make and the bathrooms I love (are in better condition) so I am thinking maybe that’s a better fit. Well here are some photos of the new one I am thinking of. Already I like the front better. It already has siding and shutters. Both of these features I was going to add to the other house. It’s hard to see in the photo but it has these stone flower pot things right at the step, imagine how cool those could be for holiday decorating!

Next you have this fantastic wrap around porch, oh and the chandy in the dinning room is crazy cool peep it out

Next the other bonus to this room well is the bathroom. Emm MEEE TIME!

The other favorite thing is some of the house details one of those details is the door knobs (odd thing to say right) but I have been searching for these doorknobs to replace on the said house. This house they read my mind and already have them some even come with the key!

It even has this beautiful Red Maple Tree! How gorgeous is this tree!

Sigh… say a pray for me folks, I think this is the one!