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How about these beauties. A gorgeous NightStand and Dresser set that just needs a little work and could look amazing. Oh the possibilities all for $50!

And here is yet another dresser all for $75. Very good looking dresser, I am seeing a vintage grey color emm hmm. 

Last but not least, I see these school desks all over in blog world. Although I don’t have kids, I feel as though I need to own one of these just in case. I think I am getting close to that clock age where I am pressing for a kid, who knows, what’s going on with that crazy ness. Here she is…. Oh and did I mention she is only $10 I might be buying this one 🙂


Besides doing my Etsy Wednesday’s I am also going to a Craigslist Monday. I am on said list, literally 10000 times a day (if not more) so why not feature a few finds. I may not have the cash for it by why shant I share the find with you said folks (although I am kinda talking to myself since no one knows about this blog, yet!)

Knee Hole Desk (as they call it) a super sweet find for only $25 bucks!

When I have kids (hopefully a girl one day) I must have one of these in the baby’s room. Can you imagine this beauty decked out in pink and black with a monogram. Swoon…. This beauty is also $25

On another blog I just saw this amazing wicker chair re-do read about on her blog  Heart Tree Home or on Better After ( my other favorite blog) Check out this wicker settee all for a whooping price of $15.00.

All items can be found on the Baltimore Craigslist Furniture Section.