The Diana Way


Posted on: December 7, 2010

Wondering what I have been up to eh? Well, tons and tons of crafts. For starters I came across this darling blog Let Birds Fly. She makes these super cute and thirfty magnets that display where she has been using old maps. How cool is that. I used some of her tutorial to create my own. You can find her tutorial here.

I didn’t have any maps on hand and I have been to a ton of places. But I wanted to test the idea on something different. How about that sheet music I scored at the Book Thing in Waverly! So off to the dollar store I go. I purchased round clear rocks, and even found magents there too. So total cost $2.05 with tax. SCORE! I think I might make some for the folks for the holidays but I plan on using smaller magnets, I think.

Next I pulled out my sheet music and used the rocks I purchased as my shape trace on the paper. Next I cut the circles out and pulled out my trusty mod podge. Now my instructions differ a tad from the tutorial so use what works for you! I put the mod podge on my the rocks and then stuck them to the little papers. After it had dried a bit I was able with the small scissors(make sure they are sharp) to trim the edges if needed.

Next my magents (which were called buttons at the dollar store) had their own sticky backing, so I didn’t even need my gorilla glue (go figure I was way to excited to use that stuff) I stuck them to the back of the rock and wala! All done. Took me a total of 5 minutes or less per magnet and I love the sheet music look.

See it here:


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