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Oh the things we find!

Posted on: November 16, 2010

I have been on the hunt since hmm mid summer in finding the perfect furniture. I mean perfect! However, I think I am starting to run out of room. My moving day I am expecting to A. Have everything I need and want, whether I have completed the re-do or not.
B. Make one big ass trip in a crazy large moving Van and call it a day.

At this present time I think I have decor items like woah! I mean I have been collecting some items for awhile. Plus I have holiday stuff like crazy as well. So now it’s onto the furniture well and to finish up some of the decor projects I have been working on. Anywho I am rambling on. On Sunday, strolling through Craigslist, I am always on the hunt for Provencial French Furniture, I just love the lines and the details. I am also looking for chairs with good bones, and structure and just pretty. Well I stumbled across this beauty well she is ain’t purdy but I think I have a re-do in mind. I was also in luck because it wasn’t far from home, which meant I didn’t need to drive all over the place.
Sorry for the horrible picture yet another picture as I am running out the door to work. Here’s the detail. The top cane is actually in good condition. The arms need to be glued back in to make them firm. The seat cane is completely distroyed. It also had a thing underneath like a shelf, which I was told was in good condition, which fell apart while I was carrying it. 😦 I am horrible at price negotiation. I have been trying to get better at it. But I paid $30 for it, which I don’t think is horrible. But I think I should have went down to $20, ya think?

I have a few ideas as to how I am going to re-do her but would love the suggestions for you as well. Here are some ideas:
This one from Confessions of a Plate Addict and her lovely sweet Frenchy Chair

Please note the swoon worthy chair in the corner. Yes look at the gorgeous doors, but peep the chair slightly hidden in the corner!
Last one I promise:

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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