The Diana Way

Bird Re-do

Posted on: November 16, 2010

If you have been following my blog you know I am obessed with birds. I just never happen to find them here in good ole Baltimore, MD and have been searching far and wide. Now mind you when I first started looking I did find two birds but for some crazy reason passed them up (oh the nerve) I must have been drunk! (No not really, come on!lol)

So the hunt has been own. I found this cutey at home goods. Which it actually had some weight to it and was red. I tested it out in black and think I might end up switching it over to white.

Then most recently in a Hamden Antique store, I found a partridge and of course she was red.I try to avoid red on any given day. But i purchased her anyway and said I will fix her up later!

So here’s here mini photo shoot, I also used the rusto. heirloom white.

She is sitting in a cute frame I was working on!


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