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Posted on: November 8, 2010

I found a few cool things at the Goodwill this weekend but not a whole lot. I was inspired recently to purchase some corning ware or pyrex, which I thought I should have some in my kitchen. I also am on the hunt for candle holders, skelton keys, birds and furniture.

I am still in the process of home purchasing which is def. a larger ordel then I thought. As mentioned,said dream home def. has some repairs that need to get done to make the house/home liveable. Mind you some repairs I can do (meaning friends, family and begging those with the acquired skills) but also just making it happen. I have a crummy realtor or rather the sellers agent is a douche (excuse the language but I keeps it real 🙂 ) So I had estimates done on Friday and each contractor or service provider def was giving me all sorts of mixed signals.
So mixed that I need a cocktail to cure my headache! But I still plan to move forward and hopes to be out of this crummy apartment by Xmas and into my dream home with all things wonderful! So I am still getting rid of old things replacing with new things and etc… and just passing time. Also collecting some things. I am in love with Monica’s blog in titled Monica Wants it I think we think a like and I was excited to read her blog as she too was purchasing a house! Well she got me thinking about Lights. When I was a kid I remember living in a house or two ( Military we moved alot!) that had a chandy or two. ANd I loooveee them. I think they give it that extra umph a room needs to be sparkly.
So I ventured off to overstock. com to see what they got. So here is some of the beauties I found for About $150 at Overstock They also have another one that is around $119, I am not sure what the differance is between the two. Also this one is super hard to put up if you plan on putting it up by your self as shared in Monica’s blog. But I am lucky in that way as my boyfriend/husband (currently husband this week) is an electrician, so I gots that covered.

Next on the list is this beauty, I think I am leaning towards this style although the first one goes great with my mirror re-do. This one I think is a little more our style or my style rather. Peep her out. This beauty also from Overstock is a little under $100 and def puts out some bling!

Next I think this one would look great in my dinning room at the new home to be. Along with this picture for inspiration! And it was only $50 at overstock, which I can’t beat and might even order this week!

Here’s my dinning room inspiration: Peep it in all it’s glory!


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