The Diana Way

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Posted on: October 28, 2010

I have been searching high and low and all around town for a fancy dancy mirror. Something with gorgeous detail, not pocket breaking and something I can hang proudly. Well after searching for what seemed like forever (about 2 months) I finally ventured into my local store (right by my apartment) called The Turn Around Shop. Now I have ventured in here before and always find the cutest things, sometimes cheap sometimes bank breaking.

I wandered through room after room ohhhing and awwing and then I saw it, this gorgeous gold mirror perched a top this weird looking cherub table. Looked and looked and no price tag. I immediately ran to the top ( I was all the way on the bottom floor) to inquire about the mirror.

Store clerk had no idea what item I was speaking of and had to venture on her on. Still couldn’t find a price, she had to even call the owner. To my dismay the mirror went with that weird little cherub table, which I was def. not buying for $300 smackers 😦 frowning and pouting I began. The store owner said the mirror has a huge chip in the wood and I would be happy to sell it seperately. Say Huh? Yes Yes, How much? Does $20 work, Do you take visa? is pretty much how the rest of that conversation went.

I lugged the mirror home (all the way up one block, yes yes I know,lol) and hide it so A. Dogs and B. On again Husband/Boyfriend would not knock it over(clumsy folks!)

So I am excited to say I have my own fancy dancy mirror. I am thinking after I fixed the cracks in the wood. I will prime her and then pick a color, I was originally thinking black, but for some reason I am really feeling the heirloom white.

Any suggestions?


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