The Diana Way

Hello lovelies

Posted on: October 14, 2010

So clearly I have been MIA for a minute but I am hear to make amends. No excuses, I have been either working around the clock, pulling out hair over buying a new home(or new to me) and or taking care of the pooches!

I did find some amazing etsy pieces, which I am super excited to purchase and can just see them in my new home. I haven’t even gotten to the re-do of the house yet and I already know furniture (not color layouts) for just about each room.

I am swooning over this Pillow made by Joom

Although these are not from Etsy how adorable are these:
Now these are def. to die for but for my budget it’s def a budget breaker for mebut don’t let it stop you!

Lastly my last favorite for the day by Redhotpottery this amazing beauty that I can totally see filled with some sweet roses or hydrangea’s or something of that nature.

I love you ETSY!


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