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I have been searching high and low and all around town for a fancy dancy mirror. Something with gorgeous detail, not pocket breaking and something I can hang proudly. Well after searching for what seemed like forever (about 2 months) I finally ventured into my local store (right by my apartment) called The Turn Around Shop. Now I have ventured in here before and always find the cutest things, sometimes cheap sometimes bank breaking.

I wandered through room after room ohhhing and awwing and then I saw it, this gorgeous gold mirror perched a top this weird looking cherub table. Looked and looked and no price tag. I immediately ran to the top ( I was all the way on the bottom floor) to inquire about the mirror.

Store clerk had no idea what item I was speaking of and had to venture on her on. Still couldn’t find a price, she had to even call the owner. To my dismay the mirror went with that weird little cherub table, which I was def. not buying for $300 smackers 😦 frowning and pouting I began. The store owner said the mirror has a huge chip in the wood and I would be happy to sell it seperately. Say Huh? Yes Yes, How much? Does $20 work, Do you take visa? is pretty much how the rest of that conversation went.

I lugged the mirror home (all the way up one block, yes yes I know,lol) and hide it so A. Dogs and B. On again Husband/Boyfriend would not knock it over(clumsy folks!)

So I am excited to say I have my own fancy dancy mirror. I am thinking after I fixed the cracks in the wood. I will prime her and then pick a color, I was originally thinking black, but for some reason I am really feeling the heirloom white.

Any suggestions?


Many of you who know me personally know I don’t have kids. Not that I don’t want kids, it just hasn’t been in the game plan as of yet. But it doesn’t mean I can’t dream. There are a few of the wonderful blog ladies that I adore, not just because of their crafts, homes and activities but they have these amazing kids, that they clearly love to pieces. Now that I have reached a certain ripe old age, I have been considering the idea more and more and even more.

I am totally swooning for a little girl. Not that I wouldn’t love a boy the same but the cards have to have a little girl in there. I think it’s just fate especially with the new house of 5 bedrooms. SO I started looking at all of these super cute kid rooms. Now enter’s Restoration Hardwares Baby and Children’s rooms. Have you seen this sight! If you have run don’t walk to the nearest computer.

Here are some of the collections I stumbled across: Aren’t these adorable of course if I have a girl one day this is my inspiration. (Is it weird if I start collecting now, I mean these things are pricey!)

Have you seen these amazing super Fall inspired Burlap beauties? OF course I am talking about all of these awesome too fab pillows that I keep seeing gracing the blog world. Just cast your eyes on these. One is from Etsy Shop Jolie Mache I mean isn’t that just gorgeous! OR check this one out from a Blogger, She also gives a tut on how she made hers! Be sure to check out her blog here

Also another thing I am loving which I am trying to get my hands on, are vintage door knobs. I want to replace my current door knobs which vintage door knobs with skeleton keys as well. I have been searching ebay but found some featured on a bathroom re-do on Rehab Boutique’s Blob (also love your blog) Check her blog out here I am totally swooning over her door knobs with ribbon and key sigh…. searching on for another day!

As you know I work close to 60 hours a week ( and of course only get comp time) but I love the work I do. You ask well what do you do? Well technically I am a Community Organizer (yet another reason why I am about the Obama). I work in specific neighborhoods marketing neighborhood resources. Now at my old job I had over 22 neighborhoods to juggle at my current place I only juggle 3. So still my plate can get a little full. But I enjoy it, I also do a ridiculus amount of volunteer projects. I am on a board for a Main Street, I support animal causes and help my friends with their causes when I can. Also now with the process of buying a house, moving, packing and getting it in for 2010, I am a little swamped. But my lovelies that is no excuse for me to be MIA.

So back to the norm right (YES). As you know I am in the process of buying a house. But I also for once would like to be super super organize in the process meaning when I move, I move in just enough stuff to have a few rooms complete or have an idea or objective as to how each room will look. So my thirft store craziness has some direction.

My current hunt is inspiration for a living room color and design and furniture. Here is what I am looking for:

  • vintage
  • semi formal
  • dog friendly
  • eventually baby friendly
  • inviting

So with that said here is some inspiration I think I might use:

What do you think? Any suggestions on a rug? I have dark brown wood floors but would love a rug to tie it all together. Suggestions, let it flow 🙂

That’s right so I am finally getting a few things done and crossed off my list as I hunt for fun new things as I prepare to decorate for a home that I Have yet to move into. Oh my gosh I had no idea how stressful home buying wise. Anywho I digressed. Well here she blows. Remember that super cute bread box I scored at the goodwill. Well here she is all done up.

Excuse the junk in the photo. I litterally have no space in my current super smaller then small apartment kitchen. Plus since I am packing and bringing things in and out all the time, certain areas are constantly junky (just for the moment)

Next, over the weekend, especially after seeing this beautiful stool posted on Better After (shout out to Better After, I love thee!) I kept thinking for my new kitchen I want to be able to take a seat while I am waiting on something(what I am not sure) or have the current off again and on again husband/boyfriend hang out in the kitchen with me. So why not a stool?@! The new kitchen is much larger then my apartment kitchen space ( thank goodness) but not super large for a cool island to pull a seat up to. But it has space for seating to chill or keep the cook company.

While out at a new Goodwill I walked around for what seemed like hours looked for potential decor items or furniture but finally stumbling across some cool gift wrap I thought it was time to leave or roll out but something caught my eye at the corner of the other entrance where these two stools: Mind you these bad boys were sickly dirty I mean like someone threw a party on it. But for $5 bucks each I couldn’t pass it up. I mean the ones on craigslist although were slightly cleaner they wanted $30 or $40 and chuld that is not in my budget!

So I dragged them to the front or really carried them with purse and wrapping paper like Super Girl and proudly handed the cashier my $10 bucks and some change.

First step, I busted out my 409 cleaner and sprayed these things down top to bottom. The pic above is pre-spray down. I think decided to match the kitchen I wanted something possibly gray and black and will later on add some print to the top.

Here she is all primed up

Looks 1million times better right, Yes I agree. I almost considered keeping her gray. But I went ahead and did a black bottom and kept the top gray. Which now I totally love it. So I bet you want to see the finish piece right? Well you’ll have to wait till tomorrow 🙂 Teaser ain’t I 🙂

So clearly I have been MIA for a minute but I am hear to make amends. No excuses, I have been either working around the clock, pulling out hair over buying a new home(or new to me) and or taking care of the pooches!

I did find some amazing etsy pieces, which I am super excited to purchase and can just see them in my new home. I haven’t even gotten to the re-do of the house yet and I already know furniture (not color layouts) for just about each room.

I am swooning over this Pillow made by Joom

Although these are not from Etsy how adorable are these:
Now these are def. to die for but for my budget it’s def a budget breaker for mebut don’t let it stop you!

Lastly my last favorite for the day by Redhotpottery this amazing beauty that I can totally see filled with some sweet roses or hydrangea’s or something of that nature.

I love you ETSY!

Today has been crazy hectic with a 2 hour long staff meeting and all and a busy weekend, I just didn’t get the chance to blog. However I did get some projects done and started. Remember this beauty. This super goodwill find for only $2. I am always looking for trays and everything else. But I wanted to update her and give her a new spin. Check out this beauty now.
and now shown with another goodwill find.
Mainly I cleaned her off and sprayed her down with a can of red spray paint. Which because it’s silver it took a few coats and of course letting it dry in between. My next step after she dried was finding some scrap book paper to go and of course I had none that was going for the look I wanted. Off to Michaels I went and found this paper for .79 cents ( Big whoop right). I glued it down and then pulled out my trusty mod podge and was finish. I already had the spray paint and the modpodge. SO my cost was $2.79.

Remember that sweet little Birdy I found also at the Goodwill, well the all white bird just wasn’t doing anything for me and I love the look of all of these shadow birds that is gracing the blogworld. So for now I found my first birdy and gave her a new look. For some reason I can’t find her pic but stay tuned. Nothing a little spray paint and some scrap book paper can’t fix.

Last but not least I also found this beauty on a return trip to the goodwill, I seem to have found one I like so far but I am going to keep looking for that to die for Goodwill. But I really wanted a breadbox, something to look sweet and traditional on my counter top but something that also gives off some character.
So in her current state she’s ok, not hot or anything but a looker right? Well stay tuned for her updated look.