The Diana Way

My Birdie

Posted on: September 27, 2010

After seeing endless and I mean endless blogs of cute birds displayed on mantel’s, on nightstands on desks, I have craved for a sweet little birdie to call my own. It makes me mad, that I just can’t find one at the local thrift stores now believe me I have looked high and low.

I am still on the search but on my weekend check in at a Goodwill that I had not explored yet ( was not thrilled with) and speaking of which (Quick Rant) What is the deal with the prices in the Goodwill! I remember when things used to be hella cheap! I saw the sweetest nightstand that they wanted like $30 bucks for. Maybe in my progressing old age I have gotten cheap?/@! Dunno. Anyways, back to my birdie. So while out exploring I did come across a bird.

I am thinking of painting her black and placing her somewhere in my kitchen. What do you think? But still on the hunt for more birds!


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