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Etsy Wednesday

Posted on: September 22, 2010

So I adore Etsy and all of my fellow crafters (stay tuned for my Etsy Store opening) Personally I have a few of my favorite things that are usually inspired by a few things, those things are anything vintage, anything with a romantic touch and anything with a whimsical feel. Sigh, if I could afford it all my whole house (or current apartment) would contain Etsy inspired lovelies.

So for your shopping pleasure a few of my favorite Etsy finds.

First up is some clothing to diiieee for, literally! Now for a while I could not get into the leopard print or animal print trend but the past year or so it has hit me. I had an ex co-worker who adored it so maybe that’s where the like is from (although I didn’t adore her, well I think it was mutal) But if you want to see some hot animal print with a vintage kick please I beg you to check out Peta Pledger 

Next up on my list is Bean Town Handmade. At some point you will see my three furbabies (there was 4, how sadden I am ) in all of there glory. But Bean Town makes these super sweet hats coats and more for them. Just check out this Shakespeare inspired wrap (if only I could knit this well)

Last on my list for this week is, drum roll please ………….

Virgina Dorthoy Koyo makes the most romantic pieces ever. Peek your eyes on this gorgeous sweater. I heart You. I can just see myself in it all Fall and winter. Sigh!!


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