The Diana Way

Tuesday Night TV

Posted on: September 21, 2010

So I am stoked this week is the week I have been waiting for. Specifically tonight, tomorrow night and Thursday night. Why might you ask, well HELLO Season Premiere! Tonight is the opener for GLEE.  In a past life, I did all things theatre and dance and terribly miss it! So this let’s me re-live that time period through GLEE and of course continuous singing and dancing in my living room with the pups (yes litterally)

Also starting this week is Fringe. Which I must admit took me a minute to get into I use to Love Joshua Jackson back in the day but for some reason I could not get myself to watch this show. Well one lonely night boyfriend/husband was out and about ( yes one day I will speak on this) the only thing on was Fringe and low and behold it was actually kinda great! So now I am hooked.

 Also  on the agenda will be the OFFICE final season of Stevel Carel how sad(tears, also literally) I mean how will they go on. I mean I love Pam and Jim but I can’t bare to watch a whole show just of them. I need STEVE.


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