The Diana Way

Fun Humor for the day

Posted on: September 15, 2010

So every once in awhile I have a rough day well sometimes or lately it feels like more then one or two rough days a week.But here is something that made me laugh at work yesterday. Enjoy!

Office Praise
O – Oh Lord, help me not to cuss anybody out today
F – Freeze my tongue, if somebody gets in my way
F – Fill me with Your grace, so that I might stay cool
I –  I’m trying to do right, but I ain’t nobody’s fool
C – Cause me to humble myself, before I get fired
E – Even a saint like me sometimes gets tired  

P – Praise your name, because You’ve saved me, many times before
R – Rise up in me before I get in the door
A – All Mighty One, You know I need you close
I    Inspire me to be kind, if not to all, to most….No…To ALL!!
S – Show me how to be an example of Your love, not hate
E – Even me Lord, I hope it’s not too late  

‘Today I ask God to meet me at the office door and sit with me all day’  

Stop what you are doing right now,
and give God some Praise for what He’s already done!
If you don’t…..I’m Praising Him for ya!


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