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I could not contain myself this week as I waited to release this weeks series of Favorites!

First and foremost this dress that I spotted Thursday of last week a 1950’s inspired dress from Frock Stars   

This dress is to die for. Total hottness can’t you just see this on that show Mad Men!

Next up is this weird day dreaming thoughts I keep having about wanting a little girl and what her room would look like. With that said I know I want a vinyl cut out made from Styleywalls. How cute is this Cherry Blossom tree (also one of my favorite things)

Next is this cute Pendant made by Pieces of Me Pendants. I adore it! I love her pieces so much I had to show two!

Hope you enjoyed today’s feature. Now go shop!


Besides doing my Etsy Wednesday’s I am also going to a Craigslist Monday. I am on said list, literally 10000 times a day (if not more) so why not feature a few finds. I may not have the cash for it by why shant I share the find with you said folks (although I am kinda talking to myself since no one knows about this blog, yet!)

Knee Hole Desk (as they call it) a super sweet find for only $25 bucks!

When I have kids (hopefully a girl one day) I must have one of these in the baby’s room. Can you imagine this beauty decked out in pink and black with a monogram. Swoon…. This beauty is also $25

On another blog I just saw this amazing wicker chair re-do read about on her blog  Heart Tree Home or on Better After ( my other favorite blog) Check out this wicker settee all for a whooping price of $15.00.

All items can be found on the Baltimore Craigslist Furniture Section.

After seeing endless and I mean endless blogs of cute birds displayed on mantel’s, on nightstands on desks, I have craved for a sweet little birdie to call my own. It makes me mad, that I just can’t find one at the local thrift stores now believe me I have looked high and low.

I am still on the search but on my weekend check in at a Goodwill that I had not explored yet ( was not thrilled with) and speaking of which (Quick Rant) What is the deal with the prices in the Goodwill! I remember when things used to be hella cheap! I saw the sweetest nightstand that they wanted like $30 bucks for. Maybe in my progressing old age I have gotten cheap?/@! Dunno. Anyways, back to my birdie. So while out exploring I did come across a bird.

I am thinking of painting her black and placing her somewhere in my kitchen. What do you think? But still on the hunt for more birds!


Another part of my journey is lossing some weight! Over the past 3 years due to stress and overall changes, I have put on some serious poundage. Which is def not my favorite thing, to the point where I only look in mirrors waist line up or higher. It kinda saddens me to look at old pictures where I was in amazing shape, crazy active and just getting it in.
Here is a pic of me at my skinnest, mind you I was in my early twenties well maybe I think this pic I might have been 25.

I really really want to get back to that weight, but now that I am a tad older and not as active I need to figure out how to do this. Well 2 weekends ago I purchased the book “Extra Lean” by Mario Lopez

Not a whole lot to read but it gives a great breakdown on how we should be eating, how to eat healthy how to still indulge (which seems to be my issue) and how to lose the weight and change eating habits.  The book is jam packed with a variety of snacks  and meals to make. Most are delicious ( I am a very very picky eater) some foods I have had to come out of my comfort zone and experiement or force myself to do more. So instead of eating 2 meals a day I eat about 5-6 meals a day and the portion sizes are way smaller but filling and it doesn’t leave me hungry getting ready to go tornado style on my kitchen.

Since then I also haven’t even really ate at McDonalds and when I have had to it has been something crazy small and semi healthy. The book also helped me to prepare meals a little bit better, so that now I can cook ahead and eat things later on in the week. So far I think my favorite receipe is the stir fry steak with veggies, which I am eating a crazy amount of spinach, brocilli, tomatos, and so much more! So I am excited.

I even hopped on the scale yesterday since it has been two weeks and low and behold I have lost about 10 pounds. I still have about 30 more to reach my target weight which is around 145. I am also hoping to get back to dancing and teaching dance when my schedule permits it!

SO Cheers!

Currently this is what my new kitchen will look like
How there are a few things I like and a few I don’t like. The Likes: I like the color of the cabinets. I think with some good cleaning they would look new again. I also like the color of the counter top. Which might be hard to tell from the picture is a grey color almost slate. What I hate: The appliances def. not a fan of it’s current fridge and stove and dishwasher. So being the Eco queen that I am we will be replacing those with energy efficient appliances that also conserve water ( yea for the environment). 2nd big hate is the back splash. Def not a Fan. Def not my style or taste. Plus the kitchen although in a small space is just missing something.

So I searched high and low on the internet to look for some inspiration and look what I found
This kitchen and house was featured in the Country Living Magazine

So the idea is to paint the door in the kitchen that leads to the deck, white and adding bamboo shades. Next is painting the kitchen a Vintage Blue. Now I have to find something for the back splash. Any ideas?

So I have told you the guidlines of what I am looking for. Well I left out a lot. Mainly I am looking for something with Character I don’t want a cookie cut out house that has everything Modern and yada yada. Cause that’s just not my style. Hence my etsy clothing style post. I also want to reflect that in my living spaces too.

Without further a due please take a gander at my new home.

I can’t A. wait to move to this beast of a house ( it’s huge) and B. I can’t wait to get my hands on it to re-decorate, paint, Fix er up and everything in between. So the next few weeks will be to design layouts. So that I have a plan. Have you recently move? Are you in DIY mood, share share share 🙂

So if you have read or know I have just moved into an apartment within the past month, while I search to put my life on the road that I want it to be, but also while I prepare to buy a home. My first home, that would be mine all mine and of course shared by my sweetheart dogs and my off again on again boyfriend/husband ( I swear I will cover this and they are the same person not two people). However, I have had this wonderful realtor who has taken me everywhere and anywhere looking for the “right” home. Which took me a minute to understand in my terms what the right home was especially living here in the city.

So your wondering what the “right” home is to huh! Well here goes.
Not a Rowhouse or Townhouse or Attached Home. I lived in beautiful Patterson Park for almost 2 years and I must say although I loved the park I hate having neighbor’s right on top of me and no real back yard (hello I have dogs, big and little)
I mean take a look at this gorgeous Pagaoda that yes I still love I am just happy not to be living there anymore.

Next it has to have space. I need hella space. Well did I mention I have dogs Three to be exact! So three dogs 2 biggies and a small um plus me, we get in each others way sometimes. I need a yard for them to run and carry on and have fun, withouth driving Mommie insane! I also like to play in the backyard no not litterally play well sorta 🙂 I love to garden. I had an ex’s sister in law that I was in total love with. Because she was the Vermont Martha Stewart. I am serious, but she had a beautiful garden and guest bedrooms to die for and you just felt like you were at home everytime you visted. So I would love a space to plant a small size garden with some favorites.

Lastly the big sell for me is……………………… PARKING B! That’s right I need parking in my life not street parking. I mean in Hampden parking is ok unless there is a festival, Honfest, Hampden Fest, Mayors Christmas Parade, Miracle on 34th street ( get the idea) in Patterson Park, I might not even get to park near my street. So I need a driveway and or a garage (drool) but I’ll settle for a driveway :).

So that’s my list. Are you looking for a home? What are you looking for?